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Design your Own Coffee

Want to be creative?  Try something new?

Then this is what you have been waiting for.  Using the options below you can create your own special blend of coffee by choosing the source of the beans, the quantity and how you want them roasted.

Its simple and the results can be totally out of this world!!

How it is done....  below are 5 option boxes and each represents 20% of a blend.  So just choose from the source varieties for each 20%.  In addition there is one other box for the darkness of the roast, light med and dark.  Remember the darker the roast the more of the roasting flavour you get and the lighter the roast the more of the bean origin flavour you get.

For example, set 3 to Colombian and 2 to PNG this would give you a blend that is 60% colombian and 40% PNG EASY.  1kg bags from only $42.00 per bag, submit your form and we will contact you with the payment details.

Roast Style
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