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Coffee Origins

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About Us

Global Coffee is an Award Winning boutique roastery.  We are committed to supplying only top quality product and service while keeping the impact on the environment to a minimum. We supply individuals and businesses with the option of a single origin roasted coffee or one of our unique blends, using only top quality Arabica beans, and home roasters with a broad option of green beans to experiment with at home. We only roast to order which means your coffee can be personalized to your preferences, light-dark, whole bean or ground, or even create your very own blend. 

Being members of the NZ Specialty Coffee Association ensures our customers are getting just that, specialty coffee. The judges at the 2012 & 2013 NZ Huhtamaki Coffee Awards thought it was pretty special too, awarding us a Bronze medal in 2012 for 'Best Organic Coffee' with our Global Fare Blend and then a Gold Medal in 2013 for 'Best Plunger Coffee' with our very popular Supremo Blend. We are also Fairtrade registered and sell a wide range of Fairtrade coffee - buying products from Fairtrade producers enables them to obtain fair prices for their crops and have decent working conditions. 

We love hearing from our customers so feel free to give us a call or an email, ask us questions or give some feedback. Talk to you soon,



The History of Coffee

Coffee was originally found in the Kaffa mountains of Abyssina (now Ethiopia), legend has it a young goatherd noticed the stimulating effect on his goats after they were eating these red berries, after telling his leaders in the village about this, they gathered the berries and made an infusion and this was originally used by the religious orders to keep them awake during prayers and was called qawha - a poetic word for wine.  It was also used in rituals and as a medicine.  The coffee plant spread to Yemen and the first coffee houses were set up in Cairo and Mecca and eventually spread to the rest of the world along with the coffee plants to Java and later to central and South America.

Coffee tastes differ all around the world. In Northern Europe they prefer a light, mild acidic flavour. Southern Europe like their coffee a full dark roast, strong flavoured, black and bitter and the French somewhere in between. Served as a thick syrup or a lighter drink with milk it has become for many people a daily ritual.