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Ethiopian Harrar Fairtrade

Size Whole BeanPlunger / DP Filter groundEspresso ground Price Quantity
250g $ 12.50
1kg $ 44.00
1kg(4x250g bags) $ 45.95
2kg $ 80.00

Our current stock of harrar is Fairtrade and certified Organic, it is from the Oromia cooperative.  A full body coffee with a medium acidity, typical mocha flavour with a spicy, ginger aroma with more than a hint of fruit.   Harrar is a prized Ethiopian coffee and is known as such throughout the coffee world. It grows in the Eastern Highlands at 5,000 - 7,000 feet and harvested Oct/Nov through to April.  Buying products from Fairtrade producers enables them to obtain fair prices for their crops and have decent working conditions. Go to Fairtrade to find out more.