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Coffee Origins

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Brazil Gourmet Ipanema

A well balanced espresso coffee.

Colombian Excelso

A medium to high acidity with medium body.

Colombian Tayronaca Fairtrade

Full flavour with dark chocolate and floral notes.

Eclipse Blend

Ideal for espresso, smooth base and a hint of nuts and earthy tones

Global Fare Blend Fairtrade

 WINNER of the Bronze medal for BEST ORGANIC COFFEE at the NZ Coffee Awards 2012!!



Best with a darker roast to bring out the rich syrup like Belgian chocolate character

Indonesian Java

A typical Indonesian coffee is heavy bodied, rich and darkly sweet

LTD ED. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Kochere

Floral and citrus tones with chocolate notes.

Moana Brew

Darkly sweet blended with a slightly smoky acidity and earthly tone.

Papua New Guinea

A fragrant and full bodied coffee

Supremo Blend

WINNER of the Gold Medal for Best Plunger/ Filter Coffee at the NZ Coffee Awards 2013!!

Swiss Water Decaf

A full body with good flavour, great for espresso

Timor Fairtrade Organic

Balanced with a hint of malt and nuts with a sweet aroma of Toffee.