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Coffee Origins

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Brazil Gourmet Ipanema

A well balanced espresso coffee.

Colombian Excelso

A medium to high acidity with medium body.

Colombian Tayronaca Fairtrade

Full flavour with dark chocolate and floral notes.

Congo Kivu 3 Fairtrade Organic

Rich, resinous, complex aroma. Fairtrade beans from Congo.

Coopers Cut

Rich, thick and full of flavour with hints of cedar, blackcurrant and coconut.


Eclipse Blend

Ideal for espresso, smooth base and a hint of nuts and earthy tones

Global Fare Blend Fairtrade

 WINNER of the Bronze medal for BEST ORGANIC COFFEE at the NZ Coffee Awards 2012!!



Best with a darker roast to bring out the rich syrup like Belgian chocolate character

Indonesian Mandheling Fairtrade

The flavour is like the body, rich smooth and full

Kenya AB

Bright full flavour, with lemony zest and tones of blackberry. There is no substitute.

LTD ED. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Kochere

Floral and citrus tones with chocolate notes.

Moana Brew

Darkly sweet blended with a slightly smoky acidity and earthly tone.

Papua New Guinea

A fragrant and full bodied coffee

Supremo Blend

WINNER of the Gold Medal for Best Plunger/ Filter Coffee at the NZ Coffee Awards 2013!!

Swiss Water Decaf

A full body with good flavour, great for espresso

Timor Fairtrade Organic

Balanced with a hint of malt and nuts with a sweet aroma of Toffee.