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Coffee Origins

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Bodum Brazil Coffee Plunger

Plunger coffee with style, in a range of colours

Price: $ 69.95*

Bodum Chambord Coffee Plunger

The classic French press

Price: $ 84.95*

Bodum Pavina Double Wall Glass

Hand crafted glassware, 2 piece set

Price: $ 44.95*

Bodum Travel Press

Brew coffee on the go!

Coffee Bags

Plain Kraft Tin Tie Bags  in two sizes  sold in packs of 10.

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton

Hand grinder 100g capacity

Milk Froth Jug

Stainless steel, 560ml

Price: $ 25.50*

Motta Bubinga Tamper

Price: $ 77.00*

Motta Dump Box 110mm

Price: $ 95.00*

On the Go Gift Set

Coffee on the go for busy individuals

Price: $ 50.00*

Puly Caff Plus 370gm

Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder 370gm

Price: $ 25.00*